What's it like to be a fundraiser?

Testimonials from current MonDial Fundraisers:

“ I was pleasantly surprised when I started working at MonDial.  I had never worked in this type of industry before and was recommended to work at MonDial by a friend. The team functions extremely well, such a friendly environment that works hard to get the job done.  The training is exceptional and you are always encouraged to improve your skills.  I love being able to choose my own working hours, so I can keep my life outside of work.” - Angus, currently working on campaigns for The Wilderness Society

" Great bunch of people, real social job. The team functions really well, if you have a tough shift there is always someone to help you - its all about the team! If you approach your role with determination and compete with yourself to achieve the best results you'll have fun in the environment - the job stays interesting and more enjoyable " - Sophie, currently working on campaigns for Care International

" Beautiful workplace surrounded by beautiful people - I always go home with the satisfaction of raising money for good charities." - Godfrey, currently working on campaigns for Oxfam Australia

" I recently started working at MonDial and instantly felt welcomed due to the fun, vibrant people working here.  The training has allowed me to feel more confident and comfortable with the conversations I have." - Rebecca, currently working on Oxfam Australia

" Before I began at MonDial I zero experience with telephone fundraising - from the coaching and levels of training I have found that I really enjoy and excel in this type of work.  Not only have I raised money for fantastic causes I have also learnt a lot more about dozens of charities and the amazing work they do.  I have also found working at MonDial to be a great to meet friends. " - Miriam, currently calling on campaigns for Caritas Australia

" Working at MonDial is great if you're a backpacker or student and want the flexibility of choosing your shifts. The atmosphere is social and it feels good to know that you're raising money for some worthy causes." - Abby, current calling on campaigns for UNICEF Australia

" Oh what a place..... MonDial, great management, fantastic fundraisers and amazing human beings." - Brendan, currently calling on campaigns for RSPCA

" Working at MonDial has improved my confidence, my ability to interact with people, my social circle and my knowledge of global events and current affairs.  Each day is an education, with the coaching team on hand to answer any and every question that may arise.  I look forward to going to work every day as no two days are the same.  With so many varied campaigns to work on, life at MonDial is never boring. The people I work alongside are not only colleagues, but friends and from the senior members of staff to the newest fundraisers... that's not something that everyone can say about their job." - Gillian, currently calling on campaigns for WWF New Zealand

" MonDial to me is more than just a job, its family!  Working closely with the team has been one of the most entertaining and enjoyable experiences of my working life. The people are fantastic and the environment is super friendly. Having never worked in fundraising before the support and training we received has been outstanding. The management team are inspirational and their knowledge of the campaigns and charities is incredibly motivating. I find the job incredibly fulfilling as we work with some organizations who achieve unimaginable goals in the work they do. I feel proud to have been part of some of the most successful fundraising campaigns run in Australia. " - Matt, currently calling campaigns for Greenpeace