Here is what some of our charity partners have to say 

     Oxfam Australia has worked with MonDial for a number of years across many different telephone fundraising campaigns, including upgrade, conversion, credit card declines and reactivation. Each of these campaigns are crucial to the ongoing success of our regular giving program - the largest and most stable source of community fundraising income for our organization.   

We work with MonDial because they aren't just a telemarketing supplier, they’re a partner in our fundraising program.From the service they provide, to their management of data, the extensive reporting and the quality of their calling team, MonDial consistently demonstrates their commitment to our goal of a future free from poverty

~ Yvette Petersen, Associate Director of Fundraising - Oxfam Australia,

     UNICEF NZ has worked with MonDial since 2005. Over these years MonDial has  grown into a large call centre but the quality of the management of our campaigns has always remained high. Over the years the results have just kept on improving and we are consistently pleased with our results.  

They work with us to get the best results they can and always give good feedback about campaigns as they progress.  In the rare event of their being any issues they have always sorted these out very quickly.  The team at MonDial are always helpful and professional and the team at UNICEF NZ enjoy working with them.

~ Ellen Voller, Fundraising Director - UNICEF New Zealand,


New Zealand Red Cross has been working with MonDial across a range of campaigns for several years.  

MonDial's results continually exceed expectations and are providing sound return on investment.  Their helpful and experienced team are always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure the success of our campaigns.   

We are particularly impressed with their ability to articulate our call to action and their professional approach when talking to our donors

~ Jason Cowlam, Direct Marketing Manager - New Zealand Red Cross,

     International Women's Development Agency have been working with MonDial since 2014.  We have been so impressed with MonDial's consistency to achieve targets across a variety of telephone fundraising campaigns; including conversion, upgrade and regular giving acquisition.
No doubt this success is testimony to their skill, professionalism and flexibility, ensuring campaigns are optimised as and when necessary. MonDial make running telephone fundraising campaigns easy!  We are excited about our ongoing and future campaigns with MonDial.

~ Kalimar Donvin-Irons, Direct Marketing Manager, International Women's Development Agency,

   WWF New Zealand has used MonDial as our telephone fundraising agency of choice for Retention calling, Conversion to Regular Giving and Regular Giving Upgrades since 2011.

The end-to-end service MonDial provides is of the highest quality.  Setting up a campaign has been a breeze.  The dashboards providing campaign progress are empowering and results have been excellent.

Quality staff can make a real difference.  
I've listened to calls and taken feedback from our donors which confirm that MonDial's staff are motivated and professional

~ Matthew Reweti, Fundraising Manager - WWF New Zealand,


Cancer Council NSW has worked with MonDial for a number of years across several of our telephone fundraising campaigns.  During this time, MonDial have always been great to work with. 

They maintain open communication across all elements of the campaign. Their data team are always fast to resolve any issues and their fundraisers represent Cancer Council with a professional and polite manner.  Additionally they are always willing to work towards our evolving needs with an open mind and willing attitude.  Cancer Council NSW value the partnership we have with MonDial and we’d happily recommend their services.

~ Britney Mathias, Marketing Manager - Cancer Council NSW,


Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) has worked with MonDial since 2012 on upgrading current supporters to regular givers, and signing up new supporters to our regular giving programme. We enjoy a positive and successful working relationship with MonDial. All of the team display a commitment to our cause, professionalism, and responsiveness that truly makes you feel that they want to achieve the best outcome for our organisation. VSA is confident in recommending Mondial  to any charity wishing to undertake telephone fundraising. When working with MonDial you can be assured of great results, excellent reporting, and value for money for your organisation. Our regular giving programme would not be as successful without the support of the MonDial team.

~ Karla Paotonu, Fundraising Manager | Te Tūao Tāwāhi - Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA),


Crusaders has been working with MonDial since 2012 and they’ve been an absolute pleasure to deal with. The team at MonDial are efficient, honest and helpful and their account management is second to none. They are very quick to react, tweak and optimise campaigns as they progress and their fundraisers are polite, professional and experienced. Every campaign that MonDial has handled for us has been a great success and we highly recommend them to you.

~ Anna Wood, Marketing & Development Director - The Crusaders Union,