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it makes the difference

Our charity partners trust us with communicating with their donors. we take great pride in this trust and champion the cause for best practice and the highest standards in telephone fundraising

The only way to provide you with options for the most effective use of the telephone is for us to fully understand your wider fundraising strategy. This level of understanding is invaluable to us and it enhances every campaign we undertake. We have practical experience in most aspects of fundraising. Especially those focused around Regular Giving. This depth of knowledge helps us to deploy campaigns and strategies that deliver the results and success you want.


Acting in the best interests of our charity partners and their supporters is central to what we do. An unsuccessful campaign is rarity at MonDial – if results aren’t forthcoming and we’ve tried everything we just stop the campaign. We strive to make communication with your supporters a positive and meaningful experience. It is vital that our contact enhances relationships with your donors and that we represents your cause in the way you want to be represented.